How to Attract a Man

How to attract a man and how to make him interested in you can be difficult for some women especially if they don’t know how. The one thing that scares most women is that they may be letting the opportunity for a great relationship pass them by because they don’t know how to connect with the guy they like. Learning how doesn’t have to be an arduous process, or a terrifying action that you have to take.

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 Nothing says you’re interested like eye contact. Looking directly into his eyes is a definite signal that you want to get to know him. Women who fail to make eye contact with the guy they want may send out the wrong impression. This message is that you’re not interested in him. The best way to seal the deal is to flash a big, pretty smile when you’re making eye contact. This definitely will get things to moving in a positive direction.

The next move you should make is to get close to him. You can always tell if someone is interestedcapture-his-heart_box-noeffects by how close they position their body from you. People who are not interested in you will be as far away from you as they possibly can. Women do this all the time. The less interested they are in a guy the further away they try to stay from him. This makes it harder, and even prevents them from having any opportunity to make a move. So when you get close to the guy you like you’re definitely telling him that you’re interested in him.

This is the time you need to make good use of being this close to him. The human touch is magical. You need to touch neutral areas like his shoulders, arms, and hands. You can even quickly touch his knee. This will help you attract him and keep him focused on you. Don’t get overly touchy, you don’t want to make him think that you’re desperate.

Let him talk about himself. Ask questions about  his hobbies, his career, and his goals in life. Try to interject your real opinion into the conversation. This will cause him to respect you more and be even more attracted to you. It will let him know that you’re interested in him.

Men really are attracted to women who are as brave as they are. Try to do nontraditional things that would be considered bold by him. Things like ask him for his phone number, or you setting up a date. Men always have the burden of making the first move. It takes a lot of courage to approach someone. This makes things just a little bit easier for him, and for that he will be grateful. Attracting him is very easy when you make the situation easy for the both of you.

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